JUL 14, 2015

Saturday May 30th marks the 5th round of racing for the 2015 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series in Lake Elsinore, CA. As the point’s race heats up, so does the weather. It was in the high 90’s at the racetrack for these day races in rounds 5 and 6. Menzies came into the weekend in second place in both Pro-2 and Pro-4.

The first qualifying session of the weekend was in the Pro-4 class for Menzies, where he qualified 6th overall. Menzies started the race in the 3rdrow, and battled hard against the competition to finish 5th overall. The last race of the day was the Pro-2 class where Bryce qualified first overall. This was important to get the extra points for qualifying first in the tight points battle. There was no inversion in the Pro-2 class so that left the #7 Red Bull truck in the front row. Menzies made it through turn 1 taking the early lead and he never looked back. He finished the race, leading every lap for his third victory of the season.

Sunday was every bit as hot and muggy as Saturday was. The fans still came out in full force to show support for their favorite drivers. After having a rough day in Pro-4 on Saturday, Menzies came back Sunday with an improved truck set up and qualified 2nd. After the inversion, he found himself in the 3rd row. The track was very slick and Bryce ended up getting caught inside on turn 4, driving up onto the concrete k-rail. This caused him to lose four-wheel drive, after the CV failed; leaving him with only three wheels producing power. Menzies maintained solid lap times finishing 7th overall. The last race of the weekend for Menzies was in the Pro-2 class which he has had a very strong season thus far. Menzies qualified first once again but after the inversion, he was moved back to the third row to start the race. Bryce passed two trucks in the first turn and battled the entire race. He was in fourth place for 13 laps until he caught the 21 of MacCachren in turn 4 to move into third overall. He pushed hard and caught the 37 of RJ Anderson in the final turn. Bryce went wide while Anderson covered the inside. This gave the #7 the momentum in an all out sprint to the finish line where Bryce eventually beat out the #37 to finish second overall.

The point’s race in the Pro-2 class is looking good with Menzies taking sole ownership of the #1 position. Next up is Salt Lake.

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