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Gymkhana at the beach
December 6, 2022

The Hoonigans and KMC take on Florida in the wildest Gymkhana Ever

December 6, 2022

Pure vehicular insanity is the most accurate way to describe Gymkhana 2022, the latest film in Hoonigan’s award-winning Gymkhana series. Travis Pastrana is back in a Subaru after his debut performance in the film franchise, which his buddy and rally racing rival Ken Block created, smashed all previous viral records. Set across the Florida Keys, Fort Lauderdale, and parts of the Everglades, Gymkhana 2022 is on a level of its own with tricks ranging from 160+mph jumps, to tandem donuts with a helicopter, and a Monster Truck donut that risked totaling both vehicle and driver. Not to mention Pastrana’s newfound proximity moments and massive BASE jump “mishap.” It’s set to be the wildest film yet in the series.

Gymkhana 2022 is the wildest film I have done on four wheels. Period,” said Travis Pastrana, Subaru rally driver and action sports legend. “I never thought I’d race a fighter jet, do donuts around a Monster Truck doing nose wheelies, skim 100 feet across a six-foot-deep pond, or tandem slide with a helicopter. Definitely not in the same video. But here we are, with Gymkhana 2022!

The machine built to take Pastrana’s wild driving is dubbed “The Family Huckster,” the most extreme Subaru GL Wagon ever imagined. Starting life as a humble 1983 Subaru GL wagon, the car is now a carbon-clad space-frame with an 865-horsepower Subaru Boxer engine, active aero, and long-travel rally suspension. The all- wheel-drive monster also features a functional carbon-fiber roof rack that directs air to the rear-mounted radiator, one of a few homages to US Ski Team Subaru GL wagons of the 80s.


Here at KMC, we are no strangers to high-horsepower Subarus and the world of rally racing. We took our world-class R&D and extensive off-road knowledge to build a set of wheels that not only handle the abuse of Gymkhana but complement the Family Huckster with the industry-leading design and styling it deserves. To give the Family Huckster its era-appropriate allure, we based the design on the OEM wheels found on 80’s Subaru models. We even sourced the same iconic gold finish used on Subaru’s World Rally Championship-winning race cars. The result is a lightweight, yet rigid, forged wheel built for abuse and durability.


VSC Custom 2.3-liter horizontally opposed 4-cylinder Boxer engine 
862 bhp and 664 lb-ft torque
Turbocharged and intercooled 
VSC billet block and billet heads
Garrett Motorsports turbocharger 
Dry sump oil system
VSC twin belt timing system with carbon fiber covers
VSC inlet manifold and carbon fiber cover
DLC coated camshafts
Sodium-cooled valves
VSC anti-lag system and turbo management

Cosworth MQ12DI ECU
Lightweight motorsport wiring loom 
Cosworth electronic power control module and switch units
Cosworth data logger

2777lbs /1260kg *without driver

175mph top speed
SADEV 6-speed sequential dog-engagement gearbox
VSC carbon fiber gear lever
Tilton triple-plate carbon racing clutch
VSC front differential
SADEV rear differential  

PWR radiator mounted in rear seat area
Custom carbon fiber radiator ducting
PWR front-mounted intercooler

Reiger competition suspension
VSC tubular front and rear cross members, suspension arms and links, hubs and spindles
Custom motorsport steering rack (11:1 ratio)
Motorsport high-flow power steering pump

Seam-welded shell custom FIA specification T45 roll cage

AP Racing capipers with 343mm rotors
Endless brake pads ME20 RCP002
VSC carbon fiber Hydraulic Handbrake 

VSC custom exhaust manifold 
3D printed Inconel alloy fender-exit exhaust with Subaru logo embellishment

Custom KMC 18 x 8.5 forged wheels

Yokohama ADVAN A052, ADVAN Apex

RECARO ProRacer SPG w/HANS (Head & Neck Restraint)
Seating for up to 2 adults

VSC carbon fiber dashboard, door cards, driver footplate
Schroth Enduro harnesses
Cosworth driver digital display
MoTec vehicle-status display

FIA FT3.5 Fuel Cell (35+ Liters) 

VSC custom carbon fiber wide-body 
Carbon fiber flat floor, skid plate and rear diffuser
Active aerodynamics for optimized flight characteristics; fender and rear wing

Aerodynamically optimized carbon fiber cross bars
Polycarbonate front windshield 
VSC polycarbonate side and rear windows 
Motorsport high-flow power steering pump 
Lifeline ZERO275 multi chamber fire suppression system

Engine oil: MOTUL 300V 20W60
Transmission and differentials: MOTUL Gear Competition 75W140