JUL 14, 2015

Rpm Offroad set off to Cabo San Lucas two weeks before the start of the race to being pre-running the beautiful southern Baja only to be plagued by a number of problems. One pre-runner was down with transmission issues and another with motor issues. Parts for the trucks were limited at best but with a stocked chase trailer and some local help they were able to get in several good pre-runs.

The race started in the Cabo San Lucas wash and headed 500 miles north to Loreto through much of what was new to SCORE racers. “The course is very fast and very technical. Not getting flats and keeping a good pace will be the key to winning. Hopefully the saying a bad pre-run makes for a good race, rings true because we had trouble catching a break for a good pre-run this race.” said driver Lalo Laguna.

Clyde Stacy drew the first starting spot in his #5 trophy truck. Apdali Lopez started the race for Clyde knowing setting a smart pace and keeping first on the road was crucial to winning. He was able to stay first on the road until the second pit where issues with the truck let Lalo Laguna in the #17 get around him. “I was able to set a good pace and keep the other racers behind me until my issues at pit two. I had one flat before the pit and which let Lalo get close enough to me that he was able to get around me at the pit,” said Lopez. The #5 truck was able to maintain a fourth place finish keeping Clyde’s truck in the hunt for the championship.

The #17 of Lalo Laguna left the starting line in fifth position. “With such a strong field leaving the line before me I knew that I would have to be patient and follow them until they made a mistake. Fortunately for me BJ went out early with issues and I was able to get around Rob Mac and Vildosola without any issues. I knew coming in to RPM pit two that as long as I was in Apdali’s dust I had him beat was well. I was first on the road leaving pit two which meant it was time to set a pace and run clean to the finish.” said driver Lalo Laguna. Lalo was able to win his first Trophy Truck race and also give RPM their first Trophy Truck win. In the end, the #17 truck was  four minutes ahead of the next competitor. “We as a team are very happy to have our first Trophy Truck win and would like to congratulate everyone that put the hard work in to making it happen.” said driver Clyde Stacy.

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