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Five Must Haves for Off-roading
September 16, 2021

Five Must Haves for Off-roading

September 16, 2021

Whether you’re building your first off-road rig, or a seasoned pro breaking-in a new a build platform – Here are some necessities that will save you time, increase your performance, and elevate your off-road adventuring. From the glamorous to the essential, add these to your checklist before heading out!

Must Have #1: Stock wheels and tires just won’t cut it!

Don’t fall victim to narrow stock wheels and tires with smooth tread made for the highway. Switching to an aftermarket package can give you a wider contact patch on the ground and aggressive tread for increased traction. KMC’s beadlock wheels are the perfect addition for performance and peace of mind while out on the trails.

Must Have #2: Keep your four-wheeling adventures rolling with a fifth wheel

You don’t want to be stuck off-road and be forced to run a donut that doesn’t match your current aftermarket setup’s size and rating. Maximize your performance potential and come prepared with a full-size spare. There are a slew of aftermarket full-size hitch carriers and in-bed mounting system solutions to keep your fifth wheel mounted correctly.

Must Have #3: Get a lift… No, not that lift

When venturing off-road with larger tires, the factory bottle jack is typically not able to lift the vehicle high enough to place a bigger wheel and tire back on your rig – also, the oem jack can be unstable on dirt and rocks and pose some serious safety risks. Opt for a jack with a wide platform and ample height capabilities for stability and safety.

Must Have #4: Give your tires a little help

Don’t get bogged down by unknown ground conditions! Nothing can kill your spirit and your off-road thrash abouts like getting stuck in soft dirt and mud. Traction boards are an affordable and easy way to ensure you’re prepared to overcome any unforeseen hang ups.

Must Have #5: Don’t get stuck in a rut

Winches are a must-have for your aggressive off-road runs. This is a great mod for any experience level - offering the ability to recover yourself and other vehicles out of tough situations and help keep your off-road adventures moving.

Must Have **BONUS**: Stay cool

When planning your extended off-road jaunts, it’s crucial that you come prepared for the worst. A good cooler with plenty of water and food can help keep you hydrated and fed if you do break down and have to spend a night somewhere remote.