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Riley’s Wrangler JK on KMC Machete Crawl Beadlock
August 3, 2022

Customer Rides: Riley’s Wrangler JK on KMC Machete Crawl Beadlock

August 3, 2022

From Rock Crawling to Trailblazing, Riley’s Jeep Wrangler Answers The Call Of The Wild.

Riley (@harsh_customs) is no stranger to the outdoors and putting his JK Wrangler though an onslaught of punishing paces. Not only is he the owner and operator of Trail Coins USA – an enthusiast founded company which produces off-road-themed keepsake coins – but he’s an avid off-road devotee with a disposition for the trails. What caught our eye most about Riley’s JK build is how proud his Machete Crawl Beadlocks wear their battle scars! We love all builds, but there is just something about a rough-around-the-edges rock crawler that embodies the KMC spirit. Afterall, it’s what these wheels are made for, to tell the story of a million miles on and off the road.

Jeep towing through rocksJeep towing through rocks

“My favorite feature about my KMC wheels is their durability. They are continually beat on with no damage to the wheel or bolt heads. I've mounted and dismounted my tires several times with no complaints,” says Riley.

The Wrangler JK is a time-tested platform, not only from its trail-proven capabilities, but its renowned Wrangler styling. With its iconic seven-slot grille and round headlights, this 3.6L Pentastar V6-powered machine is ready to get rowdy. From topless trailblazing to doorless crawling, the JK is a great solution for those of you looking for an excellent canvas to build. Need help deciding on your first JK mods? Our friends at 4WP got you covered here.

Trail CoinsTrail Coins

What would a purposefully built off-road machine be without a set of KMC wheels? The KMC Machete Crawl Beadlock cuts down the competition at every turn, crawl, or climb. Featuring our true beadlock construction, the KM229 Machete Crawl is perfect for drivers seeking peace of mind while airing down with style to match. Available in Satin Black and Machined finishes, this 17” wheel will meet even the most diehard off-roader’s performance needs. Looking to beef up your off-road performance? We got your must haves here

When asked about his intentions moving forward with his JK, Riley explained: “my goals for my jeep have also been reliability and function. I try to use that philosophy as much as I can with every part installed on the jeep.”

Jeeps driving along a trailJeeps driving along a trail

Here at KMC, we work tirelessly to ensure our wheels outperform the competition and the elements. Want to be the next KMC Customer Ride feature?  Contact us or find us on our social sites so we can share your ride!