AUG 22, 2018

Las Vegas, NV (August 17, 2018) – The 2018 edition of Best in the Desert’s Vegas-2-Reno off-road race, the longest race in the United States, kicked off with time trials taking place outside of Las Vegas in Apex, Nevada. “I love to qualify as it separates all of the fast guys and I was looking for a top 5 spot with the new truck,” said Menzies. Bryce earned a 4th place starting spot for race day after a few small hiccups.  After qualifying was over though Bryce knew how fast his truck was and what an amazing job the team responsible for its building had done.

Race day started off with light winds and a few scattered clouds, it rained the night before so there was some exposed water and puddles for the first 200 miles of the race. Bryce was off the line 4th and stayed right outside of the dust of 3rd place. After race mile 100 there was a shift in the running order and Bryce was out front for the remainder of the day. He had two fuel pits with all four tires being changed and 90+ gallons of fuel both of which were completed in less than 1 minute.

At Race mile 510 with a 15-minute lead Bryce had a tire go down and the jack system on the truck failed and they could not change the tire. Bryce decided with how close the finish line was he was going to come in on a flat. After 10 miles the rubber from the BFGoodrich 40” tire was gone and he was now running on the rim through the roughest and rockiest part of the course. The well-engineered KMC rim held up for another 5 miles until the rear axle couldn’t take the beating any longer forcing them to withdraw so close to the finish and with the win within their grasp.

Overall the team was extremely happy with how the new truck handled and the issues the team overcame.  Thank you to all our sponsors for the continued support. Our next race will be in Crandon for the World Cup.

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