2016 Mint 400 Pit Crew Challenge and the crowning of Miss Mint


In motorsports racing every second counts. In off-road motorsports racing, its more then that. Unlike a road course, there is much less of a drafting advantage factor and position placement is crucial to stay ahead of the pack so its possible to see what’s ahead and avoid getting dusted out. Positioning can be gained or lost judged on how quickly the pit crew can get their vehicle back on course. The Pit Crew Challenge at the Mint 400 is the perfect place for teams to showcase their equipment, hard work, and training throughout the season and can define how realistic a race day victory is within their grasp. With some of the most accomplished trophy truck teams in the world competing for this prestigious title, the Menzies Motorsports team came out on top. The Strobel Motorsports team went head-to-head against the Menzies KMC backed team in the finals who made an undeniable victory happen while being able to watch as their competition struggled to get their last wheel on. Hard work and good equipment paid off and it was apparent even when the competitive spirit found its way off the stage and racecourse Friday morning and into the parking lot. The Menzies team will be carrying their winning momentum into race day when the green flag drops on Saturday afternoon.  

KMC Pit Crew Challenge

The Menzies Motorsports team stayed calm and collected as they jumped into action with no mistakes. 


Jade Werline was crowned 2016 Miss Mint Thursday night.


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