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Dustin Jones
January 1, 2021

Dustin Jones

January 1, 2021
About Dustin

Dustin Jones is no stranger to staring down a challenge and overcoming the odds. Dustin’s DIY work ethic and resourcefulness has earned him a reputation of relentless persistence and embodying an unwavering competitive spirit – as seen in his medal ridden racing career.

Dustin’s early days, like other underdog success stories, started with humble beginnings. Growing up on a farm just north of Shreveport, LA. His father instilled a perspective in him that not only shaped his outlook but sparked a penchant for inventive solutions to succeed in life; take care of what you have, fix what you got.

It’s this mantra that sparked Dustin’s appetite for grassroots R&D and absolute precision. His hard knock upbringing set the pace for success. Once off the farm, Dustin earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Louisiana Tech University. Armed with a self-reliant past, and a schooled understanding of mechanical functions, he set off to showcase his hardworking attributes in the workforce.

Despite a comfortable career, his gnawing desire to incorporate his passion for UTVs and all things mechanical into a lifestyle led him down a path that would change his career trajectory forever.

In 2011, an after-work hobby of wrenching on rigs with Malcolm Sneed at the S3 Pump Services shop turned in to a career. Dustin’s aptitude for mechanics and long-time interest in motorsports sparked a shift in specialization for the shop and soon the team took on bigger builds, thus forming S3 Powersports.

Dustin’s ingenuity and degree came into play at S3 Powersports when he decided to start developing his own parts for builds. Not fulfilled with the quality of parts available, he sought to engineer performance grade alternatives that surpassed the current state of the aftermarket. By manufacturing these one-off parts into full production runs, Dustin was able to improve his build’s consistency and outperform the competition.

With S3 Powersports’ parts in production, Malcolm Sneed introduced the idea of forming a dedicated off-road race division. After a handful of race wins in the 2014 and 2015 seasons, Dustin and the S3 Racing team landed a sponsorship with Can-Am. Determined to further cement their name in the industry they set off to build a dedicated desert racer.

After five weeks, a fully in-house built Can-Am Maverick X DS was finalized and prepped to race in the 2015 BITD (Best In The Desert) Parker 250 in Parker, AZ. Although Dustin was unable to finish the race, the team’s competitive drive went full tilt. Dustin went on to win the Mint 400 race later that year.

In 2016, the S3 Racing team was given the opportunity to build a brand-new Can-Am platform. Dustin and team debuted the Can-Am X3 race car at the 2016 BITD Vegas to Reno. However, ill-fated luck struck again when the rigorous terrain and vicious race conditions caused Jones to crash and effectively ended his chances at a podium finish. Dustin and the S3 Racing team’s unwaning perseverance continued despite the loss – reworking, rebuilding, and pushing their R&D even further.

In 2017, Dustin was approached by Monster Energy as an addition to the already staggering cast of athletes. Not only did this union push Jones to dedicate himself fully to racing but catapulted the S3 Racing name into the forefront of the industry.

In 2018, Dustin won the short course portion of the Polaris RZR UT World Championship – finishing first overall and first in the Turbo class. He also won the 2019 BITD in Parker, AZ and placed within the top 10 during his first appearance at the 2019 Nitto King of the Hammers.

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Life Stats


Shreveport, Louisiana


UTV Offroad

Short Course

Race Vehicles

Can Am Maverick X3 Turbo RR

Career Highlights

Mint 400 Champion

UTV World Champion

Cross Country Champion

Multiple Mud Racing Championships