Trophy ruck driving through the desert

We're Redefining Performance

History is written by the victors. The future is forged by the daring. See the future of performance with KMC.

KMC is redefining performance on and off the asphalt since 1982. With innovating styles and relentless pursuit to confront possibility. KMC Wheels designed for the barrier breaking, game-changing individuals who defy conventional thinking in motorsports and use machines to pull off the impossible. It all started with a wheel, not a vision. Not a plan. Just a simple, well made wheel.

Built for More than the Tarmac

KMC wheels are proven to get you where you need to be and take you where you never thought you’d go. We make wheels for those who don’t stall, sputter, or split the difference.

We Win Together

Maximum performance requires maximum effort. Meet the cast that embodies the bold, ever evolving, pursuit to pull off the impossible.